With me as your Guide

Dave Crosby PGAWhen we travel together all you have to worry about is relaxing, playing golf and enjoying your vacation. Let me look after everything;  transportation as needed, booking tee times and hotels.  Plus I join you for your golf as well as some dinners out and sightseeing as planned. Golf lessons are not charged for in your vacation however sharing golf advice and on course tips is always encouraged. Your questions can lead to what I hope will be some good golf advice to help you with your game.

Sightseeing / Shopping Vacations

Dave was amazed when told not everyone is addicted to golf so, Crosby Golf Vacations is pleased to offer non-golf vacations.

By adding sightseeing and relaxing adventures to our golf vacations, Dave has found some wonderful ways for a non/part time golfer to join their favourite golfer on the same trip.   Visiting historic cultural sites and incredible shopping make for a great vacation.  Complimented with relaxing days and joining your travel companion for dinner and evenings out.